Sunday, August 22, 2010

The New C & S Archery

I hope everyone can stop by and meet Charlie and Starla Grant, the new owners of C & S Archery. C & S was formerly Double B Archery and we plan to pick up where Double B left off and run with it! Double B had a great run but frankly it just got to be more than we could handle with the current arrangements (other full-time jobs) and I personally couldn't give the shop the kind of attention that it deserved. Charlie and Starla came along at the perfect time with the perfect situation. Charlie was recently retired but was not ready to stop working and looking for a new challenge.

So, what will change?
You will immediately notice increased operating hours. Through "peak season" we will be open Mon-Fri from Noon til 8pm and Saturday Noon til 5pm..... and as always we wont run ya out at closing time.
You will also notice an increased inventory with more of the mid to lower priced equipment.
We will be having more leagues.
In the near future we will be adding additional lines of various equipment (stay tuned for more info..)

What won't change?
I personally guarantee that you will still receive the the same friendly, honest, and expert technical support that we have been giving for the last 2 years.
The address and phone number will remain the same.
The "shop folks" that have always been with us and willing to help me or other customers are still around and that elite group seems to be growing daily!!
I will still be doing the majority of the "tech" work but will have a couple of very able bodied helpers.

I hope you can tell that I am excited about this new arrangement and hope that you stop in soon so I can show you what all the excitement is all about!

See Ya At The Shop


  1. As soon as we can get some pictures of the Grants we'll get 'em posted.....

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